Construction and Equipment
This section started work in 1986 in order to repair fixtures and control gauges of NMI production lines and step by step while increasing staffing and equipment, it has been manufacturing new fixtures for NMI production lines. Now with 25 years of experience and highly experienced experts this section is one of the most important entities in NMI production lines. Major projects and activities in this section have been as below:

1-Making equipment for production lines of: BRAVO moped, VESPA scooter, Agricultural Mist Blower and 4 stroke engines, Paykan gearbox, Peugeot 405 cylinder and cylinder he, Peugeot 405 gearbox and KIA Pride gearbox parts
2-This section has very high capabilities and special equipment for designing and manufacturing precision control gauges and manufacturing fixtures.
NMI Co. capabilities in manufacturing and production

NMI capabilities in manufacturing and production of various types of transmission systems for passenger cars

Manufacturing different types of gearbox parts including shafts, gears through different ways and methods ( e.g. CNC machining ), broaching machines, Electro-chemical machines, rolling machines for shafts, rolling machines for gears, drilling and tapping machines, laser welding machines, straightening machines, gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear shaving, rounding, chamfering and deburring machines, phosphating line, gear honing, super finishing machines, heat treatment furnaces , washing machines, shot blast machines, grinding machines , roll finishing of gears, gear shock shifter machines (parkson machines), gearbox overall testing machines such as gearbox functional test, gearbox noise test , shifting test machine ……..)

Machining Aluminum parts such as gearbox clutch housing, differential housing ….. and engine parts such as cylinder head ….. cast iron machining such as gearbox differential box and gearbox housing ) , machining of brass parts such as gearbox shifting forks etc. .

Assembly line for assembling different types of automotive transmissions ( such as BE gearbox , Arisan gearbox ,….) which its equipment comes from reliable and up to date companies such as conveyers from Crosse , Bosch and electric presses and wrenches ….)
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