NMI History
Nirou Moharrke Industrial Company (NMI Ind.Group ) is one of the pioneers in establishing quality management system models in IRAN at national and international standards level. In order to improve the quality level of its products, in 1998 we applied for and were certified with ISO 9002: 1994 from German institute of RW TUV.
Alongside developing other management models NMI could gain and maintain important achievements in developing management systems and organizational excellence by implementing organizational excellence models since 2004, which resulted in a certificate of commitment to organizational excellence.
1985 Founding of Nirou Moharrkeh Industrial Group(NMI Ind. Group)
1986 SoP of BRAVO moped under Italy PIAGGIO License
1991 Mass production of BRAVO moped
1992 Mass production of Vespa scooter
1993 Entered automotive industry via Paykan gearbox gears , shafts and synchronizers
1994 Production of 4 stroke CG engines for motorcycle
1999 Production of Peugeot 405 cylinder and cylinder head
2000 Launched Peugeot 405 gearbox (BE) production line
2001 Production of Peugeot RD gearbox
2002 Launched Peugeot 206 gearbox (MA) assembly line
2008 Manufacturing new BE base gearboxes via developing BE gearbox (e.g. BE-R2)
2009 Production of Kia Pride gears, shafts and synchronizers
2012 Production of Massey Fergusen tractors gears
2013 Production of EF7 gearbox,Arisan pick up gearbox and Cara pick up gearbox
2014 Expanded the production capacity to DAILY 2,300 sets of gearboxes
2015 Launched production line for EF7 cylinder head
2017 Production of Tiba gearbox equipment
2018 Starting the project of producing a 6-speed gearbox
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