Sustainable expansion
Minimizing environmental impact is one of our main goals. We are completely aware of our responsibility for environment also health and safety of human resources and we strongly believe in making value added for our employees, business and the environment through sustainable development of our business. Some examples are as: -All our actions are based on standard and legal requirements. -All workshop accidents, work-related health disorders, and environmental accidents must be prevented and this is the responsibility of the company managers at all levels. -We continuously monitor the performance of the above mentioned issues using system management and apply feedback loops and updates to the process on a regular basis. -The optimal management of national resources through the implementing a drop irrigation system and a fuel management system -By producing different types of gearboxes, we are trying to expand our market and achieve the strategic goals in line with company excellence. -We guarantee the quality of our product and emphasize on the safety of our products. -We try our best to minimize negative environmental impacts by producing new products compliant with environmental standards and also improving the older products. We look for ways of maintaining the resources and environment through more efficient products. - One way to improve our customer satisfaction and quality score is constant monitoring of the rate of return and following up on the unhappy customer by the after-sales services.
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